Monday, October 20, 2008

I guess I will rest when I get home

The beautiful GREEN slippers.

Now of course you wouldn't wear your slippers into the bathroom!  
There are special Toilet Slippers for the bathroom!

A gift from the mayor of Iida.  Iida is known for their String Factory.  We will be visiting the factory later this week.

Nicole, can you ask Amy if this is the purple candy she was talking about?

Another busy day in Japan.....

First of all, Thanks to Colleen and Kim for letting me know there is life out there.  Somehow seeing a message from an American is comforting.  

Also, Colleen I keep wanting to email you.  There is a teacher at my school that laughs just like you.  I am sure anyone who knows Colleen, knows how distinct her laugh is...well anyway, the first few times I heard it, I actually thought it was you!  I had to remind myself that I am in Utah and you are in Florida.  Kind of funny.  

Anyway....back to Japan.  We got up bright and early today to meet with the Dean of Education at the local University in Nagano.  We feel like celebrities.  When our bus pulls in, people are rushing to help us and so happy to see us.  We had several presentations on the Japanese teaching program.  There were many similarities and many differences.  Their internships are only a 4 week session in the junior year and a 2 week session in their senior year.  There are some observations and a few interactions in the freshman and sophomore year but not nearly as intense as the U.S.

Then we took a 2 1/2 hour bus ride to our host city, Iida.  We met with the Mayor and the Superintendent of Schools.  We have an interpreter with us to help with communication.  It has really made it easy to talk and ask questions.  We are all speaking a little Japanese, but not more that Konnichiwa, Watashi wa Utah Shu No Monica McDonald des.  

We are in our city groups for this week, so the group is only 16 teachers.  Tomorrow we are sightseeing around Iida.  Also, my host family called and would like to meet me tomorrow night, so I will be sure to get pictures.  FUN! FUN!  I have been emailing them for over a week now.  The man is an English teacher age, 61 and his wife loves crafts!  She loves to work with beads.  Maybe I will learn something to use in my classroom!  FUN! FUN!  She also loves a specific type of dance that I have never heard of.  I will find out about it and Nicole, you can teach that to all of fourth grade.  OK??  


James Sheehan said...

Is it required that med wear a tux to pee?

Anonymous said...

You know I am here everyday looking at the website. I just love reading your comments and looking at all the cool pictures. I know you are asking if there is anybody out there following you, I am and even though I talk to you every day on the phone, I will post a comment also just to let you know I am here. I am so proud of you for all the hard work you have put into being selected to go on this trip and for all the hard work you are putting into sharing everything with your students and school. I love you.
Kevin M

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have arrived in your host city. Sounds like fun. Maybe I'll have to make a trip out to Utah to meet my laugh match. Ha Ha.

Nicole said...

Monica, I would love to that teach that to everyone! lol

I told Amy to go look at your blog so she can see if it's the right candy, Kenyan knew right away what it was! And if possible, can you bring home a couple boxes of those for Kenyan?! I know you have lots to bring home, so if not, Kenyan will just have to deal with it!! (And we will pay you back! ;) Glad you're having fun!!

Jay Keller said...

How much fun are you having over there? Too much I bet. The pics and comments are great. Take care and be safe.