Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I made it to Japan


Day 1 – Before I left for the airport, I checked my email only to find an email from my host family in Japan. The man is a 61-year-old English teacher. His wife stays at home, and she enjoys doing beadwork. I hope to have the opportunity to do some crafting! She also enjoys Takarazuka. I am excited to find out what that is!

I will be visiting his school as part of our schools tours, and he has asked me to speak to his class. That should be interesting. I will be visiting an apple orchard, and going to a Lion dance while I am there. I will also be a part of a family dinner. Their nephew is coming over to introduce his fiancé for the first time, so many of his family members will be joining us for dinner. It sounds like a crowd we have at our house!

San Francisco- I flew into San Francisco and had any easy trip. We started our orientation meeting at 2:00. I met with my city group. Everyone is so excited to get to Japan! We ate dinner at the General Consulate’s house. That was quite impressive! SUSHI! SUSHI! SUSHI! There were 160 teachers and a number of other people at the dinner party. The General and his wife were gracious guests and seemed to be comfortable with this large crowd in their home.

Day 2- Flight to Japan- We got up early and had a great breakfast, then onto a bus to the airport. Everything is so organized; I truly just follow the crowd. I was so happy to see my suitcase weighed 49.6 pounds! I was a little worried. On the way home we are allowed an extra bag, so I will have PLENTY of space for souvenirs!
(I know my students and Becca are concerned about that!)

Our flight is 10 hours and 45 minutes. I got a MIDDLE seat! YUCK! It will be ok.
At least I have a seat on a plane to Japan. Right?

A positive attitude pays off! I asked for an isle seat and was told none were available but I would be put on a list, in case one opens up. I got a new seat assignment in an EXIT ROW!!! I had about 3 feet open in front of me.

It was a long flight and I had a hard time sleeping on the plane. (I wrote most of this on the plane.) Hopefully I can stay awake when we get to Tokyo to enjoy the sights in the city and to eat sushi!

The plane is a 747 (Chris, can you explain what that looks like to the class?)
It has an upper level! Pretty cool! I am going to try to take pictures, but I am not sure if I am “allowed” to go upstairs.

I will write more and more each day. If you have any questions you would like me to find out the answer, just leave it in the comment section.


goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Kelli said...

That sounds so cool!
You are so lucky!!
I will be checking your website everyday, so you better remember to put stuff on there.
Which email will you be checking?
Have fun!!!

Nicole said...

Have fun! I'm glad you made it! Kenyan and I are very jealous. Amy would like you to bring back some grape Japanese candy (she says it looks like gum, but it's not-How's that for specific?!) Anyway, enjoy your trip!! I'll be thinking of you while I'm teaching the munchkins. :(

Monica said...

I hope you are having a good time and eating lots of sushi. Me and B will just sufffer through 3 weeks of mac n cheese, hot dogs, and raman noodles. love and miis you
Kevin M

Kevin said...

I made my own Blogger account so it doesnt looklike you are sending messages to yourself

colleen said...

I'm so jealous! Enjoy your trip to Japan. Learn tons of cool stuff! Can't wait to hear about your host families crafts!

tricia said...

Enjoy every moment! Can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!!! Beautiful gardens, but yucky fish market!!! But then I ddon't do suchi (pardon spelling, I don't spell it either)
Have a great time, learn lots to share with us
and stay safe always. Love ya, your Mother