Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visiting an Elementary School

We visited an elementary school today.  All the students were so happy to see us.  Everyone said "Good Morning", "My name is..." and "How old are you?"  It was funny because I know those are the phrases we all learn when learning a new language. 
The statue below is Hopes and Dreams. 

Doesn't this look a little high??
Most times the students are playing outside, there is little supervision.

After lunch, all students help clean and maintain the school.  This girl was part of a group of kids that pulled out plants.  She dumped the wheel barrel twice before she made it to her final destination.

I sat next to this little boy at lunch.  Right after lunch, he cleaned his area and began reading.  

4th grade Calligraphy class

All students clean their dishes after eating. 
Students are assigned jobs to get the different parts of lunches.  
Everyone is dressed like this at lunch.

The children sweep and scrub all floors throughout the school.  
They clean the windows, toilets, everything!  EVERYDAY!

This boy is pulling weeds! He was here for about 20 minutes.


Anonymous said...

gram really liked your pictures

Amanda said...

That looks like fun. Do you think you could get your students to clean the school at the end of the day?
Kurt and Amanda

Nicole said...

Can you imagine? How would that be?!

Anonymous said...

I think I'd be frightened if my students had to clean the school, especially the dishes after lunch!!! I'll keep taking my lunch thank you very much!