Thursday, October 23, 2008

Junior High Visit

We visited a Junior High School today.  Junior High is 7th grade through 9th grade.  Students are only required to finish 9th grade and moving on to Senior High is optional.  Over 90% of students choose to move on to Senior High.  It was a good day.  All students are required to take English, so it was fun to speak English with them.  They really feel shy about speaking English, but I was impressed at how well they spoke.  They laughed whenever we tried to speak Japanese.  Obviously we weren't very good.

I thought this poster was funny.  It says that jello with fruit is good!  YUCK!

Japanese Soft Tennis
The tennis balls are soft so they can bounce better on the dirt.

I think I am going to get into the Kevin Photography Club with this picture.
(Kevin P and Kevin Mc love to take pictures of flowers and bugs.  I never get to take pictures when I am with them.  I have to stand by patiently waiting for them to get the perfect shot.)

Brooms students use to clean the school.  
At the Junior High School the teachers cleaned with the students.

This man and his wife own and run a small restaurant.  
Just look at the grill to understand the size of the restaurant.

YUM!  We have eaten here 2 nights in a row. 
I think we are almost regulars.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are very cool. You took a great shot of the flower. I remember you telling me that restuarant was small, but, WOW. That is tiny, the food looks yummy.
The pictures of you are great, You look so haapy and you have that glow that I love so much. I miss you sweetie. Have a great time .

Anonymous said...

Looks like your trip has been very busy and eventful. You'll need a vacation when you get home!

Monica said...

I agree, Colleen. Luckily, I am in yearround school and my students are off track right now. When I get home, I have a week before I have to return to school. That will be a nice break.

ferrarasinflorida said...

what beautiful pictures, i look at your blog everday, and think how proud my brother is to have found a wonderful person, and to say what a wonderful sister-in-law you are to have. hope you enjoy the trip to the fullest especially with no kids to take care of....woohoo....

Monica said...

Thanks for the compliment Kim. That is why I always say you are my favorite McDonald family member.

James Sheehan said...

I can see through this blog , that this visit will more then change you forever.

I hope that you are able to continue living this kind of life. The opportunity of this trip was well spent on you because I know you will be able to share it with hundreds of children as it has enriched your life forever.